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ONLINE Course combo – Skin anyalsis, Dermaplan facial and Basic facial technique (4 CPD ACCREDITED COURSES)




Receive all 3 courses at a dramatically reduced price!

Dermaplan facial
Basic facial technique

Bonus course!

Basic facial technique
Skin analysis

* This combo course does not include kits, your tutor will recommend supplies and resources *

If you would like more information regarding kits prior to booking then please email us at


  • Pay for your course 
  • Your personal tutor will contact you via email 
  • You will make a start on revising your home study
  • Once ready you will proceed to case studies 
  • x3 case studies are required (1 before picture + 1 after picture = 1 case study)
  • Once received and passed you will be CPD accredited, fully insurable and certificate on completion 
  • BONUS – you will be added to our student support page and we can give instant insurance quotes 
  • x3 methods of payment, in full, pay within 30 days and pay over the course of 12 months! (For 12 months – Pay under the direct bank transfer method and do not send funds, the team will be in contact within 24 hours to confirm your application)

All course content is to be completed within 12 weeks of course enrolment, We may offer you an extension of 6 weeks as a goodwill service. If course content is not completed within the combined 18 weeks total, and you would still like to continue with your qualification then a £15 marking charge will be required in order to be re-added to your caseload within 6 months of your original course enrolment date.  If however you have not completed your course within 6 months and would still like to continue then the full course will have to be repurchased.