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BONUS BUNDLE – Lash Lift Course and Kit, Brow Lamination Course and Kit, Brow wax & Tint Course and Wax Heater


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  •  Brow Lamination Course and Kit
  • Lash Lift Course and kit (includes tinting techniques and theory)
  • Brow wax and Tint Course and Wax heater worth £30
  •  Infection control/ Health and safety
  •  Adverse reactions
  •  Products
  •  Case studies
  •  Ongoing support and guidance
  • Wax/Tint supplies to be purchased separately
  • If you would like more information regarding kits prior to booking then please email us at or visit the Amazon shop.
  • Pay for your course 
  • Your personal tutor will contact you via email 
  • You will make a start on revising your home study
  • Once ready you proceed to case studies 
  • x3 case studies are required (1 before picture + 1 after picture = 1 case study)
  • Once received and passed you will be CPD accredited, fully insurable and certificate on completion 
  • BONUS – your be added to our student support page and we can give instant insurance quotes 
  • x3 methods of payment, in full, pay within 30 days and pay over the course of 12 months ! 

All course content is to be completed within 12 weeks of course enrollment, We may offer you an extension of 6 weeks as a goodwill service. If course content is not completed within the combined 18 weeks total, and you would still like to continue with your qaulification then a £15 marking charge will be required in order to be re-added to your caseload within 6 months of your original course enrollment date.  If however you have not completed your course within 6 months and would still like to continue then the full course will have to be repurchased.